We Solve Website Problems

Frontfix is on-demand programming service. We provide website fix services, solve CSS issues, customize the landing page and add new components.

Code tweaks

Customized page, HTML and CSS styles changes & more

Complex bug fixes

Debugging & fixing site issues or features.

Custom developments

Custom sections and features for your website

Why choose us

Get help from a dedicated frontend developer today. No contracts. 100% money-back guarantee.

24 hours turnaround

Quality code with fast turn around.

Flexible pricing

Small single task from $20 and subscription plans at $100/month.

30-day warranty

An industry-leading 30-day bug fix warranty.

Get started for just $20


Flexible pricing based on the complexity of work and total productive time.

Per Task

Best for trial and small projects

24 hours turnaround
Additional simple task credit $15
Additional moderate task credit $35

Per Month

Best for agencies & growing businesses

3 credits = 1 productive hour
Priority delivery
50% unused credits rollover
Additional credit $15

Per Project

Best for startups and mid-size projects

Clear timelines
Our team will send you an update of your project at each stage of development
Project dashboard

Common questions

There are Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, and superside like websites that provide the same services, then why should I choose you?

You are absolutely right! But you need to spend weeks filtering out unqualified developers and hire experts who can deliver exceptional work. We like to say that our team knows CSS programming inside out. Also, We provide you with an industry-leading 30-day bug fix warranty.

How long does it take to deliver one task?

We try to deliver the simple task within 24 hours and complex tasks in 1 to 3 days.

What do you mean by white label studio?

Frontfix is a whitelabel studio. That means we'll work anonymously on your project, and no-one ever knows about it. As you may have noticed, we don't have a portfolio and client section on our website because we don't sell our client's information or show anything related to their project. If you're wondering why it is essential, then the most straightforward answer is that most of our clients are other studios who like to work silently.

Do you make custom elements or components?

Yes, we create new components for the website, implement changes and also modify the existing website.

How does the cost work? How to choose the right plan for my project?

We have three plans based on the work type - per task, per month, and per project. You can choose any of the following as per your requirements.

Are there any hidden/additional fees?

No. The package comprises all that you need to pay, including the fees and the taxes.

In the task-based plan, what is considered as 1 task?

1 task means 1 individual work which we can solve or create within 20 minutes in the simple plan or 1 hour in the complex plan. But we often merge multiple micro tasks like change font size, font color, etc., jobs in a single task as this type of job only takes 5-10 minutes, and we want our customers to pay only for the productive time.

In the monthly plan, what is considered as 1 credit? How many credits require to do one task.

1 credit is equivalent to 1 simple task or 3 credits is equal to 1 moderately complex task. We consider 1 credit equivalent to a 20-minute slot. We often merge multiple micro tasks like change font size, font color, etc., jobs in a single credit as this type of job only takes 5-10 minutes, and we want our customers to pay only for the productive time.

Do I need to pay again if a bug emerges or if I'm not satisfied with the work and wants a revision?

Absolutely, NOT! We provide you with a 30-day bug fix warranty. You don't need to pay or use any credit for this.

What are other services do you offer?

We only provide CSS programming and front-end microservices. If you are looking for custom Gutenberg blocks, design to website conversion service or custom themes, then kindly visit designthingy.co

Who are you guys?

FrontFix is an extension of designthingy. We, @kantbtrue and @savydv are developers and designers. We make stuff online like DesignThingy, QDONOW, Themes For App, Engigogo, send out a weekly newsletter called Initiator Creator, and watch some Anime.